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Adopt Nyx!

Written by the teen volunteers in JHS’s Humane Heroes program


Hey, you! Yes, you and your bed.

There’s this lovely dog named Nyx at the Jacksonville Humane Society. She can do business deals (a.k.a. she knows how to shake)! Nyx loves sticking her head out the car windows during car rides. She can be your new music buddy! She loves to listen to music while looking out the window.

Nyx is such an amazing dog. She loves to go outdoors and do really fun activities. Nyx is a very outgoing, sweet, loving, and chill dog. Nyx is probably one of the cutest dogs you have ever seen.

Nyx Dog Day Out Beach

Nyx loves people. She also loves hanging out with them. Nyx knows how to do some really fascinating tricks such as sit, shake, and down.

Nyx is a pretty woman that is very energetic and loves every treat you give her. She isn’t picky. Nyx loves pup cups, and I mean, LOVES them.

JHS staff describe Nyx as a “calm girl” who walks well on leash. This shows how calm Nyx is during outdoor trips!

Nyx would love to be your friend!

You can stop by JHS at 8464 Beach Blvd. any day of the week to meet Nyx or take her on a Dog Day Out. To learn more about Nyx, email us at [email protected].

Nyx Dog Day Out Car cropped

Humane Heroes is a 12-week humane education program for teens offered by JHS in partnership with the Partnership for Child Health. Participants gain an understanding of a variety of animal welfare topics, complete service projects benefiting JHS, engage in social-emotional learning opportunities, and spend time interacting with JHS pets.

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