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Giving Tuesday Donations Matched!

Giving Tuesday, coming this November 28th, is the world’s largest day of giving. Did you know that your donation can make a world of difference?

Gifts made to the Jacksonville Humane Society support dogs just like Jackie, who staff and volunteers described as gentle but reserved, almost as if she was holding back from being loved.

We asked our team – what might help this sweet pup open up? Then we had an idea! We were hosting a children’s camp that same week and decided to let Jackie meet the kids.

When she entered the yard with the campers, her eyes immediately began to shine. She went up to each child, tail softly wagging, and leaned into them to receive a gentle pat, a hug or a kiss. 

Soon, Jackie was bouncing around the yard, going from camper to camper, asking for more love. Her smile was contagious… everyone in the play yard was grinning ear-to-ear over this pup’s happy transformation.

And no smile was bigger than Jackie’s. She was adopted by a loving family with children just a few days later!

Will you make a world of difference today ()

All month long we will be sharing special stories with you that show how even the smallest acts of kindness can make a world of difference. Stories like Antler the kitten, who needed special care due to a leg deformity.

Or stories like Blush the dog, who almost perished from an infectious disease but was saved through foster care. And the special story of Gizmo the cat, whose resilient spirit brought smiles to the faces of our Pawsitive Readers.

Will you make a world of difference for dogs and cats just like her with a gift today? Thanks to a special donor, your gift will be matched and DOUBLE for even more impact That means:

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When we make a world of difference, we can make a different world for pets and the people who love them. Donate today!

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